8 Tips To Prepare Your House For Winter

Don't miss these 8 tips every homeowner can do to prepare for winter in Alaska!

1. Insulate pipes that are in areas not properly heated for living/comfort (crawlspace, attic, etc.)

2. Disconnect your hoses from outdoor hose bibbs. If you do not have a frost free hose bibb, insulate them using foam found at any hardware store.

3. Get your heating appliances serviced annually. Call us or another provider to have them professionally cleaned and serviced.

4. Remove any debris and items near your heating appliances that can limit access by a service technician.

5. If you are not running your heat during the summer months, briefly turn on your system to ensure that everything is working and you have heat.

6 Clean and inspect your vents. Also make sure that your vents are not obstructed by furniture on or in front of them.

7. Change your air filter regularly. It is imperative that you change your filter every 90 days if your heating system is in use.

8. Check the batteries on your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. If you're concerned that they're not working properly, please consult your owner's manual.